1. Altenahr/Mayschoß


1 Altenahr - Mayschoss

ca. 4 – 6 km (depending on where you join/leave the Trail)
1,5 hrs. (climb up to Burg Are + ½ hr.)
Easy to medium walk

Start: Latitude N 503056.4
Longitude E 65922.6
Ziel: Latitude N 503102.6
Longitude E 70114.6

Burg Are, Ümerich, Winzergenossenschaft Mayschoß-Altenahr with
wine cellars

Altenahr: Hotel-Restaurant Ruland,
Mayschoß: Weinhaus Michaelishof, Winzergenossenschaft Mayschoß-Altenahr,
Weinhaus Kläs & Sohn, Restaurant Bahnsteig 1

Übigberg, Eck, Laacherberg, Burgberg, Mönchberg

This section
starts at Altenahr train station. You cross Tunnelstrasse and reach the road called Rossberg . The Red Wine Hiking Trail begins (between two houses) 100 meters further on.

The path here is quite steep and leads to Burg Are. Although Burg Are is not on the RWW it is worth making the effort to walk there.

From the ruins, which were a prison in former times, you have a magnificent view over the bizarre rock formation of this part of the Middle Ahr Valley.

Back to the RWW, the first section leads you along the steep slopes of the vineyards belonging to Altenahrer Eck, then through a mixed forest to ‚Mayschoss’.


Tip:  A dirt track leads to the observation tower ‚Ümerich’ (suitable walking  shoes are necessary!) A magnificent view is revealed  from here over  Mayschoss, Burg Are and the valley, in the centre of which you can see the Ahr meandering around the 'Etzhardt’.


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