5. Ahrweiler - Bad Bodendorf


Ahrweiler - Bad Bodendorf

11,5 – 13 km (depending on where you join/leave the Trail)
3 – 4 hrs. (walk up to Winzerkapelle (chapel) nr. Ahrweiler + 1 hr)
Moderate hike

Latitude N 503244.0
Longitude E 70626.0
Ziel: Latitude N 503322.7
Longitude E 71301.4

Climbing park on old bridge pillars, Winzerkapelle St. Urban (vineyard chapel),
Landskrone Hill

Winzerhof Körtgen, Weinhaus Coels, Weinstube Steinfeld, Kleinertz am Markt
Bad Neuenahr: Luthers Wein & Kulinarik

Ursulinengarten, Riegelfeld, Silberberg, Rosenthal, Forstberg, Daubhaus, Steinkaul, Sonnenschein, Karlskopf, Kirchtürmchen, Schieferlay, Sonnenberg

Starting at Ahrweiler Markt station the Trail leads you uphill for 200 m to the “Seilpark Mittelrhein” (climbing park). The path leads past the impressive bridge pillars (which are the remains of a railway track that was started in 1910 but never
completed). It’s quite a steep walk through a little forest. Then you walk along the vineyards above Ahrweiler past the spa town of Bad Neuenahr.

Continuing along this section of the trail, the natural landscape of the Ahr Valley is disclosed in all its variety. In contrast to the slate in most of the steep parts of the Middle Ahr, clay and loess soil dominate here.

The Landskrone Hill, 270 m a.s.l., can be seen from far away (with castle ruin and Lady chapel) above the village of Heppingen. Having passed Landskrone the Trail leads north of the wine villages Heimersheim and Lohrsdorf (with its wonderful
orchid meadows) till you reach the station of Bad Bodendorf, your final destination.

There are some steps at the upper bridge pillar of the “Seilpark” (climbing park). If you take these steps, you can avoid the steep walk through the forest. It leads you directly to the chapel called the “Winzerkapelle St. Urban” and to the Trail.